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Jungle Jewel Exotics is located in Calgary Alberta and was founded by Lucas and Dawn to preserve and expand the amazing hobby of amphibians and reptiles in Western Canada. Currently working with over thirty five species and morphs of dart frogs plus other enchanting species of frogs. We are also working with several types of dwarf day gecko. Jungle Jewel Exotics is on the fore front of our favorite hobby and rapidly expanding our breeding program.

Dawn has always had a passion for animals. Her earliest childhood pets were iguanas, various tree frogs, geckos, and other herps. She also kept various tropical freshwater and marine aquariums. It was only natural that she started her early careers in the pet industry. Dawn has been working in the pet industry since the late 1980’s. with jobs ranging from sales clerk, adoption specialist, and wholesale to pet stores.  After a visit to Costa Rica in 2007 and seeing the exotic animals in their natural wildlife environments, she immediately started looking into how to raise and care for them at home. Dawn immediately took from her past experiences working with exotic animals and built her first Vivarium. planted with orchids, vines and other tropical plants. She started with a group of Dendrobates auratus and was immediately hooked.  After some time, Dawn expanded into other Thumbnail Dart frogs and Dwarf Day Geckos.

Lucas grew up, a good ol’ boy on the farm during the early 1980’s. As a young boy he was catching salamanders, garter snakes, and frogs in the creeks near his home.  He learned from a very young age about animal husbandry plus the care and wellbeing of many different animals. Also while on the farm he developed his green thumb working with various types of plants. Still today you will find him in the garden tending to various ornamental flowers and vegetables.  During high school he continued his interested in genetics and biology. As he grew up he also kept exotic animals such as ferrets, chinchillas and various tropical and marine aquariums.  His career path took him into the customer service industries, and retail sales. In the early 2000s he took on management roles within a highly successful consumer electronics retailer. Eventually he took on the role as the General Manager and began honing his skills as a successful business owner.

The Dart Frog hobby is relatively new, only starting in the mid 1980’s. Science is still discovering new species in the rich Rainforests of Central and South America. Together Lucas and Dawn have pooled their wealth of knowledge and have founded Jungle Jewel Exotics. They have been able to create pristine habitats for their frogs and geckos, which is the foundation of their breeding programs. Jungle Jewel Exotics is based in Calgary Alberta, and is now offering captive bred Dart Frogs and Dwarf Geckos to anyone within Canada. Today they are working with several species from all over the world including the Thumbnail Dart Frogs such as  Ranitomeya, Oophaga pumilio, Epipedobates and Hyalinobatrachium (glass frogs),  as well as the larger species such as the  Dendrobates Tinctorius, Auratus, Leucomelas, Ameerega, and  Mantella.

Jungle Jewel Exotics is now working with several feeder insects and soil clean up insects. Some of the soil bugs we are working with are Tropical Dwarf Isopods, and Tropical Springtails. If your feeding frogs, you’ll need some live food as well. Jungle Jewel Exotics also breeds flightless fruit flies, like the wingless Melanogaster and the flightless Hydei.  Another great feeder for your Dart Frog or baby Chameleon is the Bean Weevil. They have all the crunch of a pinhead cricket, but without the worry of them getting bigger.

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