Winter Shipping

Jungle Jewel Exotics doesn’t stop shipping just because winter gets cold in Canada!!! Winter Shipping takes place from approximately October 1st to April 30th when the average temperature is below 10° C. We can Ship your Fruit Flies, Isopods, Springtails, Mosses and other Plants by winterizing our Shipping Boxes. We do this by using 1 inch (2.5cm) of closed cell insulation sheet. By doing this, a box can maintain a temperature of 10° C from the outside ambient temperature. When necessary, we will also use appropriate heating pads. Unfortunately regular hand or foot warmers DO NOT work well for winter shipping.  These types of warmers get really hot, really fast, but only last a few hours at best. Jungle Jewel Exotics uses heating pads that we designed to last for 40-72 hours. These types of heat pads heat up slower, and maintain stable temperatures for longer. In a 1 cubic foot box these heat pads will increase the internal temperature by approximately 10°

Winter shipping is a 1 time additional charge per box shipped. This includes the insulated box, the heat pads, and any additional costs associated with preparing your shipment during the colder months in Canada. All orders that require winter shipping will depart Calgary Alberta on Monday to Wednesday depending on your location. Please choose the quickest shipping option available to you.  BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan can use 1-2 day Express shipping. Ontario, Quebec and other Eastern provinces may need to choose Priority Shipping.


Terms and Conditions

Jewel Exotics reserves the right to refuse any shipment that has the incorrect shipping option or will take to long to reach its final destination. You will be contacted and a full refund will be issued. During extreme weather we may delay the shipment until it is safe to ship again.  Jungle Jewel Exotics can not be held liable for delays in shipping due to and not limited to Holidays, Postal Strikes, Extreme Weather, Shipment back logs by the carrier, lost or stolen packages, mislabelled packaging, wrong addresses given, War and any other unforeseen circumstances not listed. No live guarantee is offered on any Insect, Crustaceans, Moss or other Plants. By making payment you are accepting these terms and conditions and no refund may be issued.

Jungle Jewel Exotics will not ship any Frogs, other Amphibians or Reptiles using Canada Post, Purolator, FedEx or UPS as they take to long and can be unreliable when it comes to delivery times and care of packaging during transport. All of our animals are shipped via Air Canada or West Jet Live cargo.


Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns prior to finalizing your purchase.